Marketing a company or a product online is such a tedious job for some people. While traditional marketing techniques such as hanging posters in a crowded place still work for some businesses, other enterprises take advantages the influence of internet. Before starting your online marketing campaign, it is necessary that you develop first a marketing plan that will lead your efforts to the right direction. Create a strategy that will improve the online presence and attract more audience to your website. Below is a step-by-step online marketing process:

Conduct A Thorough Research

Any business should conduct an intensive market research before starting a marketing campaign on different online portals. Learning the new technologies and methodologies is also necessary to get ahead of the tight competition in the online market. The market research usually concentrates on direct competitors and examines the competitor’s marketing strategy. List down the names of your competitors in your chosen industry and take a close look on how they promote their companies and brands on the web. Take note of the affiliate marketing programs they are using, including the advertising schemes or any online offers they are bidding to consumers. Observe whether your competitors are implementing social media marketing and take the full advantage of YouTube, MySpace, Facebook or Twitter in promoting their company.

Create Your Website

Build a website that you can utilize for marketing and promoting your company and your brand. Before constructing a website that would represent your company to the web, it is essential that you pay heed to the effective strategies of your competitors. However, do not copy the web design of your competitors as it will not help differentiate yourself in the market. Keep in mind that uniqueness is important in creating a sound brand on the web. Pay close attention to the attributes of websites that you like. Moreover, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor’s website. Consider adopting their strengths of their web design and resolve the weak points of their design to come up with an outstanding website.

Develop A Marketing Strategy

Evaluate your list of strengths and weaknesses that you have identified in other websites. From this list, develop a marketing strategy that will promote your company or products. Let your target market know who you are, what you can offer to them and how will they benefit from your company. Consider implementing web marketing options such as building traffic, linking in forums and online communities, using keywords on your website, providing informative articles, creating online tutorials in video format or publishing a blog, where you can easily reach out and interact with your target clients. Employ the marketing strategy you know best suits your business needs.

Monitor and Analyze Progress

It is not enough that you plan and execute your marketing strategy. It is crucial that you monitor and analyze the progress of the implementation of your online marketing strategy to see whether it is really working for your business. Know where your website traffic originates and know whether this traffic comes from the links you have created across the web. The more quality traffic your website gets, the higher the chance your website will appear on the first page of search engines.