According to the AdView Pulse Report by Nielsen, the online marketing spending increased by 12.1% in Q1 2012, the most accelerated growth among all the other media types. With the people spending more time on the Internet, the marketers are increasingly employing the platform to generate awareness about their offerings. The driving factor behind the internet proliferation is the convenience for both the consumers as well as the sellers. Let us briefly analyze the reasons for such a soaring online marketing graph.

Advantages of Online Marketing

Less Expensive

With the encouraging online marketing trends, the number of website building sites is growing. These sites allow a user to build and host a template based website, free of cost. However, they are closed platforms because they are template driven. Therefore, most companies opt for a complete website design on an open platform. A low-end website costs you around $1000-1200. The fancier website designing with the user-friendly tools like payment gateways can peg anywhere up to $25,000 or more. Similarly, you can use Google AdWords, Banner Ads, FB Ads, and the other Social Media Marketing tools at a decent rate. Despite being so wide in its reach, the overall online promotions costing is still much more modest than creating and running a TV or a Newspaper advertisement. Effectively, you can begin from zero investment and can scale up as per your requirement and resource feasibility.

Online marketing proliferates much faster. It is less complicated, has much wider reach, and is more effective than the traditional media.

Convenient and Clear Communication

Since the message is in writing and is networked on the web, the customer can always gather more details simply by clicking the provided link or searching over the internet. This immediate response system and quick authentication immensely leverages the online marketing’s effectiveness.


Internet marketing is more focused. The web analytic tools like Google Analytics can help you determine the surfing patterns of the users. You can accordingly measure, quantify, and control your marketing level. In effect, your ads flash, based on the consumer preferences. The traditional marketing tools are slightly disadvantaged and low on efficiency here.

Scope of Customization

Internet marketing even enables you to direct your advertising towards a specific buyer with the help of various marketing tools and user cookies. For example, if you have a retail business and you find a user buying a particular type of sports equipment, you can use this as a cue and send the related Ads to him/her. You can even extend some customized offers as per your buyer’s particular preferences. Traditional marketing cannot facilitate this level of customization, that too so quickly.

Real Time Analysis

Traditional marketing takes time to show any significant impact of your promotional efforts. This hurts a business’ benefit. In the case of a weak strategy, a long realization time can delay the corrective steps. Similarly, if an opportunity is not tapped on time, it is often lost. Both the situations can be hurting for the company. With the inorganic marketing tools like pay per ad, you can analyze your advertising potential real time and can accordingly tailor your promotional plans.