How a Parking Lot Paving Service Works

If your parking lot is in need of a facelift, consider a resurfacing service. This process involves removing the existing asphalt and layering it with a new one. This process is usually followed by sealcoating and new line striping. It can be costly, but the end result will be a beautiful and functional parking lot. A good service will also be environmentally friendly. If you want to keep your property looking new, resurfacing can help.

A resurfacing company will prepare the parking lot for resurfacing. This requires leveling it, and then pre-treating and curing the area. A new layer of asphalt will then be added to the existing surface. This layer is typically one to three inches thick, so it is important to choose a reputable company. Once the new asphalt is in place, it can be sealed with a professional sealcoat. An expert line-striping service will ensure the surface is even and compacted.

The next step is to level the surface of the parking lot. Once the parking lot has been leveled, a pre-treatment will be applied to it. This treatment will help the asphalt adhere to the surface. Once this has been completed, a new thin layer of asphalt will be placed on top. The thickness of the new layer varies, but should be one to three inches. Then, a heavy roller will be used to compact and level the new asphalt, and a professional sealcoat is applied.

A parking lot resurfacing service will remove the old surface and convert it to a reusable bituminous aggregate base. This will add strength to the new asphalt. This process is known as stabilization, and it works by turning wet ground into a rock-hard cement-like base. This method reduces excavation costs and enables a more even surface. Once the new surface is installed, a professional sealcoating application can be applied to protect it.

Resurfacing a parking lot involves leveling the existing surface and applying a pre-treatment and curing it. Once this has been completed, a new thin layer of asphalt is applied, ensuring a uniform, flat surface. This new layer may range from one to three inches. After paving the parking lot, a professional sealcoat will be applied. After resurfacing, it will be necessary to clean and maintain the parking lot, and it should be inspected every six months or so.

A parking lot resurfacing service should start by leveling the surface. The new asphalt will be applied in layers of one to three inches. A professional will use a heavy roller to ensure a smooth, flat and compact surface. After the resurfacing process, the parking lot paving service will perform expert line-stripping for an even finish. It will be important to maintain the original asphalt’s color, and make it as durable as possible.

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